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No matter what application you’re using it for, a pH sensor will allow you to keep pH levels at a level most ideal for the process. This could be anywhere from strong acids to caustics. There are many different types of pH sensors that you can obtain for your application in the course of  liquid measurement; these could include combination pH sensors, laboratory pH sensors, process pH sensors, and differential pH sensors.

  1. A combination pH sensoruses a reference electrode and a measuring electrode. The reference electrode is used to provide a stable signal, while the measuring electrode is designed to detect any changes that have occurred with the pH value.
  2. Differential sensorsare comprised of three distinct electrodes, the third of which is a metal ground electrode. These sensors are unique in that they can prevent reference fouling.
  3. Laboratory sensorscan be made with combination sensors that are contained within plastic bodies and 12mm glass. These sensors are designed for lighter applications such as pool monitoring and environmental sampling.
  4. Process pH sensorsare made from combination sensors but built in large and durable bodies that contain a process connection for continuous pH monitoring.

Different pH sensors are built for different applications, which you should fully understand before purchasing one of these sensors.


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